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Gazco Medium Clarendon Stove Balanced Flue

Clarendon Gas Stove
An elegant stove in a choice of sizes
The Clarendon Gas stove offers superb heating efficiency, finely detailed castings, a real fire effect and the choice of three sizes. Perfect for a wide variety of homes.

Whilst the tracery of the standard window provides minimal obscuring of the flames, there are also 'clear glass' versions to attain the fullest possible view of the fire. The small and medium clear glass models are also available in two enamelled colours, Laurel Green and Midnight Blue.

According to size of model, the fires may be coal or log effect. All feature an adjustable flame and heat setting whether you opt for manual controls, the Standard remote control or the Programmable remote control.

Select the top-of-the-range Programmable remote control and you can even set the stove to switch itself on and off twice a day and thermostatically maintain the temperature in your room.

Colour choices: Matt Black, Laurel Green (S & M), Midnight Blue (S & M).

Product Specification:

Overall dimensions - Small 431 x 589 x 342mm (w x h x d)* :
Overall dimensions – Medium 654 x 652 x 427mm (w x h x d)* :
Overall dimensions – Large 779 x 710 x 468mm (w x h x d)* :
Fuel bed Coals or Logs :
Heat output – Small 1.95 – 3.60kW :
Heat output – Medium 2.50 – 5.28kW :
Heat output – Large 3.10 – 7.25kW :
Heating efficiency – Conventional Flue 78% :
Heating efficiency – Balanced flue 82% :
Command controls Manual :
Standard upgradable :
Programmable upgradable :
Suitable for Chimney/Flue Class 1 & 2 :
Balanced Flue :
Powered Flue :

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