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Capital Curvation Midi Gas Stove

Capital Curvation Midi Gas Stove

The Curvation is a high efficient, clean and odourless stove with low running costs featuring double glazed, curved glass windows providing a panoramic view of the flames. Suitable for a 12mm light duty hearth, this stove comprises double burner technology for a variable flame picture controlled with a Symax System remote control. The Curvation is pictured here with a Capital circular, transparent glass hearth and is also protected with a 2 Year Warranty for added peace of mind.
Fuel: Natural Gas or LPG
Output: 5.5kW
Efficiency: 83%
Flue Exit: Top
Flue Size: 150mm
Control: Remote

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I would also like to take this opportunity to praise your installation team, their cheerful and professional attitude throughout the installation was exemplary, and the end result is outstanding.

B B, Axminster, Devon