Agglomerate & Micro Marble

Our Agglomerate Marble is produced from high quality materials and is still widely used throughout the fireplace industry. We can supply practically anything in Agglomerate and Micro Agglomerate Marble - Fireplaces, Coffee Tables, Lamp Stands, Dining Tables, the list goes on!

What is Agglomerate Marble?

Agglomerate marble and Micro Agglomerate marble are 95% real marble pieces, particles and dust bonded together with polyester resin and calcium carbonate. The result is a less expensive option but as durable and more consistent in colour and pattern than the unpredictable characteristics pocessed by Natural Marble.

Micro Agglomerate marble is now much more commonplace than standard Agglomerate, mainly due to the more natural appearance due to the higher density of particles used. This helps to produce a much more consistent appearance, popular with those wishing to seek peace of mind in the knowledge that they "know what they are purchasing".

There are large numbers of colours and patterns available and there are now Quartz & Silica Micro Agglomerates with mirror chips incorporated, adding a bit of "Fireplace Bling" to their desired room!

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Agglomerate & Micro Marble

We found your service most efficient and friendly which made us quite happy to order from you, even though one of the multiple stores offered us the same cooker a little more cheaply. We always prefer to deal with established local traders and have already recommended your firm to friends and family.

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