Farmington Cotswold Stone

Farmington Natural Cotswold stone is an Oolitic Limestone formed by retreating seas around 165 million years ago. This was a period when dinosaurs roamed the earth; however the 'fossiling' in Farmington stone, which make up a part of its visual appeal, is of minute sea animals rather than those of giant creatures.

The Farmington quarry was used by the Romans and lies in the Cotswold section of a geological belt of Jurassic limestone stretching from Portland in the South West, through Bath to Hull in the North East.

Farmington stone has been demanded and specified for uses as diverse as:

  • Flooring and staircase for a castle in Scotland
  • A manor house in Australia
  • Walling on a ranch in Atlanta USA
  • Garden features in Japan
  • Creation and replacement of architectural masonry & stonework
  • New housing developments, grand houses, small houses, home extensions and commercial buildings

Plus of course the world-famous Farmington Natural Stone fireplaces for which Gasco Fireplace Gallery is proud to be an exclusive agent for.

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Farmington Cotswold Stone

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