6 Different types of Granite - "Of Fire"

Granite is almost literally as old as the Earth.

It comes in a wealth of colours that will blend and complement almost any décor. It is the second hardest naturally occurring material in the world so is therefore a popular choice for fireplace and kitchen worktop applications.

We currently offer at least 6 types of granite :

Black Polished - Highly Polished and slightly speckled sometimes with slight variations.

Black Honed - Matt finish and lighter in colour.

NEW Gris Silvestre - Light grey/white speckled with matt finish

NEW Steel Grey Leathered - Grey and dark grey variations with a very unique "Leathered" texture

Rustenberg Grey - Dark Grey and Light grey speckled with polished surface

Star Galaxy - Highly polished black with speckled appearance including gold particles. Popular for kitchen worktops.

What is Granite?

In basic terms it is primarily made up of three main minerals - quartz, feldspar, and mica. In the volcanic ages these minerals were fused together under immense pressure to create granite. It is formed from magma - the liquid rock from the core of the earth. As the magma cools as it is pushed up to the surface of the earth, it forms a rock which has hardness and durability approaching that of diamond.

Granite is an Igneous rock which has a chemical composition similar to that of lava but is much harder because it was formed under high pressure deep within the Earth. Over 700 types of Igneous rocks exist, most of them formed beneath the surface of the Earth's crust. The name Igneous is derived from the Latin Igneus, which means "of fire".

Granite can be found on every continent and has been quarried for over 6000 years before hard metals were even available.

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6 Different types of Granite - "Of Fire"

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