Ham Stone - "One of Englands Most Seductive Stones"

Ham Stone is one of Gasco Fireplace Gallery's favourite materials.

It can be cut to size, shaped and we can get practically any fireplace made from Ham Stone, right down to just a back panel and hearth if you already have a surround.

What is Ham Stone?

Ham Stone is a natural stone quarried locally in Stoke-sub-Hamdon, a village in Somerset.

Its unique characteristics, durability and rare unmistakable properties continue to make it a popular material used within the building industry.

Its beauty lies within its composition, it is a medium to coarse grained shelly limestone coming from the top the Toarcian Stage of the Upper Lias Age (between 183 million and 175.6 million years ago).

The stone consists of a well cemented mass of shells, crystalline calcite and iron minerals, giving it a rich glowing honey colour which sparkles magically in the sunlight.

"One of England's most seductive stones" - Alec Clifton-Taylor, Architectural Historian

We totally agree!

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Ham Stone - "One of Englands Most Seductive Stones"

Lee, Just wanted you to know that the surround is now fitted and looks fantastic. There's no way the room would look like it does without your help and guidance. I have no hesitation in recommending you in the future to anyone who wants a reliable company to deal with.

Again, many thanks for all your help and hard work.

R P, Yeovil, Somerset