Travertine - 'Labis Tiburtinus'

Here you can choose Travertine in a Filled finish or Waxed finish.

Both are stunning and continue to be one of the favourite materials here.

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a natural stone, millions of years old and was initially used by the Romans to build parts of the famous Rome Coliseum.

It is made of calcium carbonate, usually found in the form of deposits near warm or hot springs. It's haggard texture was caused by gases present when the rock was in the molten state. Pure Travertine is white and it's colour naturally depends on the impurities and iron content of the stone.

Extensive deposits of Travertine exist at Tivoli in Italy near Rome.The name Travertine is derived from this town although it was called Tibur in ancient Roman times. The ancient name for the stone was Lapis Tiburtinus – meaning Tibur stone, which has been changed over centuries to Travertine. It is sometimes known as Travertine marble or Travertine limestone even though it is neither marble or limestone – however it is from the Limestone family.

Because travertine is natural stone, every single piece is unique.

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Travertine - 'Labis Tiburtinus'

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